Thursday, August 11, 2016

E-tickets booking online

E-tickets are basically the same tickets as we use to have when booking at the agency. The electronic ticket contains same information, route, name, date, time of departure and arrival, destination points, class of travel. The airline company website would keep a database with all the necessary information about the passengers and their flights.

How is every eticket identified?
In the airlines database each flight ticket is assigned a unique number under which it is added to the database.

E-tickets are very convenient for both parties - the airlines and the passengers. The whole procedure of booking and buying out an eticket would take few minutes. Go online, select the dates you plan a trip, chose the route and buy the ticket.
Advantages for the airline companies are obvious - they save a lot of money since don' need to pay for the employees filling out the forms for the tickets. All of this is done by the passengers. Should the problem arise or a passenger needs assistance they can always contact the airlines agents online, send their questions, or double check any information they need online.

Advantages for the passengers are obvious - that can be done very quickly form any location with internet access. Also since this is an electronic ticket there is no need any more to go to the agency and pick up the hard copy or waiting for the delivery of the ticket.

Another advantage of the e-ticket is that even if you lose the hard copy of the ticket you printed out - no need to worry, all the information is safely kept in the database and all you should have for the registration is your passport.

Even the registration process is easier with e-tickets as you can do it online in most cases 24 hours before the departure.

Plan your journey online and select the best possible places to inspire you for long time! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

One of the most expensive car collections in the world

Have you ever seen the most expensive car collection in one place? Bugatti and Rolls Roys will be in one touch reach from you. Cars from different time of last century can be found in one place - car collection of Prince of Monaco. This is definitely one of the most expensive and unique collections of the world. The collection is open for visitors in one huge hall on the territory of Monaco. You can take photos to commemorate the moment of being among the most expensive cars of the world. It is a better to plan a visit in the morning when there are not so many people inside and you can move and take pictures without being bothered by a crowd of people.

Some of the cars, which are exhibited here are for racing. This is another type and style of cars of course, modern and more dynamic.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting places in French Riviera. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Visit Sveti Stephan in Montenegro

Montenegro is great vacation spot for different types of rest.
You can go there with family and enjoy peaceful summer break in the shadows of the trees, swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic sea and try local food in the restaurants. Montenegro is also amazing place for traveling with friends if your intention is to try something different - plan a trip to Sveti Stefan island in Montenegro. This is an unusual spot, the photos of which are posted on thousands of calendars and postcards of Montenegro. Sveti Stephan is a visiting card of Montenegro. The island is one of the main attractions of Montenegro worth visiting. Should you be willing to stay on the island, number of villas nearby are available for rent all year round. Do not miss the opportunity to arrange your stay in one of the most amazing places on Earth!